How PINE Helped CFC Big Ideas Run an Online Forum With 70 Speakers and 1025 Attendees

CFC Big Ideas is a global communications partner for international enterprises and NGOs headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. With clients such as Google and Uber, CFC Big Ideas focuses on delivering PR, GR, and crisis communications at an exceptional level. 

In April 2020 Anna Krys, business development executive at CFC Big Ideas, came up with one idea which could easily be called BIG. The First Global Inclusion Online Forum was meant to bring together the world’s leading inclusion executives, HR consultants, D&I activists, and business owners who are looking for ways to make business more inclusive. Having previously worked as a project manager for Diversity in Tech Week and spending some time working with inclusion programs in an Irish women’s prison, Anna’s vision and passion lead her to organize this meaningful and vital event for business discussion.


The 2020 pandemic affected the initial plan for the forum, forcing it to change from the local Ukrainian offline conference to the global online event. Unexpectedly, the pandemic played in favor of the forum, as it made it possible to expand the number of invitees and attract truly world-renowned names. From an initial 10 invited speakers, the list of the First Global Inclusion Online Forum’s experts grew to 70 inclusion professionals from all over the world. 

The key challenges that Anna faced when choosing a platform for the event was finding the best solution possible.  

“We analyzed the market and looked at the main players in the online event space. PINE turned out to be 4 times more affordable than its closest rival and had a more suitable set of features,” Krys added.

The key functionality that CFC Big Ideas was looking for:

  • Expo capabilities
  • Networking 
  • Real-time chat and voice communication


Before the Global Inclusion Online Forum, CFC Big Ideas had worked with PINE on a smaller scale. 

Here’s what Anna had to say about her experiences with PINE leading up to the event:

“Before that, we had one small event (Online Creative Mornings) on PINE. We were impressed by the support team, who were available to assist with our questions, any time we needed. We followed the development of PINE for quite some time and took note of how they successfully handled DevGAMM conference with its several thousand attendees. So when it was time to decide, we were sure that PINE was the right choice for us.”

Here’s how the First Global Inclusion Online Forum was laid out from the technical side:

  • Three independent stages with their own speakers and audiences
  • Video streaming of the multiple keynote sessions
  • Live chat where people were discussing what was on the stage at the moment
  • Expo features including sponsor advertisement
  • Separate rooms for the startups which were presenting themselves at the conference 
  • ID cards, where attendees can provide extended information about themselves, including video presentation and text bio 
  • Random networking where attendees can meet each other to make new contacts.


The First Global Inclusion Online Forum was a huge success. When asked about the overall quality of the event’s presentation, Anna was quick to point out that:

“There were zero technical issues that affected the quality of video or audio during the event, and we experienced no delays whatsoever during the live stream.”

The event received very positive feedback all around, as well as high marks for the online experience provided by PINE.

“By the most conservative estimates, I can give PINE 8 points out of 10 and highly recommend PINE as an affordable and reliable partner.” 

With 70 of the world’s most well-known inclusion experts and 1025 attendees, The First Global Inclusion Online Forum opens the doors to future online discussions and makes access to big ideas easier for anyone looking to get involved.

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