How PINE Ran the EMERGE 2020 Online Tech Conference for 4300 Attendees Without a Hitch

EMERGE is an online tech conference which started in 2017 as an offline event in Minsk, Belarus, and has gone on to gather thousands of attendees from all over the world. The EMERGE conference is attended by startups, investors, and tech enthusiasts to talk about the future of tech business and new technologies.

The key people behind organizing and managing the technical part of the 2020 EMERGE event were Alexander Starodetko and Magrifa Kamiyeva. Magrifa is the executive producer for the EMERGE conference and Alexander is its digital director. 


Here’s what the 2020 EMERGE conference should have looked like: 

  • 5 online stages running simultaneously
  • Dozens of activities running in parallel: networking, round tables, keynote sessions
  • Real-time chat rooms and attendee support 
  • Investor pitching sessions
  • Full-featured afterparties

“Before the EMERGE team found PINE, we were looking at other solutions ranging from simple mass communication platforms such as Zoom, to more sophisticated and pricey options like Run The World, Hopin, and Airmeet. None of them worked the way EMERGE needed them too”, Starodetko adds.

First, EMERGE team had a big point in bringing real-life experience to online while lots of the platforms were putting technology first, rather than people. Second, customisation is always at heart of what EMERGE team does, so having lots of options for that was absolutely necessary and incredible to have at hand.


“From our first demo, PINE impressed us with its UI layout which is quite similar to what you would expect when attending an offline event. You can enter the platform and easily find the reception, the main stage, and the general information desk. The user experience provided a feeling of familiarity to what people are used to with offline events”, Kamiyeva adds. 

And the last but probably most important point is that the PINE team amazed EMERGE with their customer-centric approach. “PINE’s readiness to implement all the incoming feedback and adjust their interface and features according to our needs was absolutely necessary,” both Magrifa and Alexander point out. 

For the second year in a row, one of the most important activities for startup attendees has been the investor matchmaking, which is also fully hosted on the PINE platform as well as the 1:1 startup-investor sessions. PINE’s social board where all the attendees can present key details about themselves and their products was this year’s success too. People used to call it a Tinder-like event page because that is how you get connected to the most relevant peers and network. Social boards were often used to find colleagues, co-founders, investors, or just to have a meaningful conversation with someone who has relevant experience. 


4300 Attendees Online for EMERGE 2020

Both Alexander and Magrifa agree that the 2020 event was a huge success. Here are just some highlights of what EMERGE 2020 achieved. 

  1. 4,300 attendees from 102 countries including 1,800 paid participants with extended access to networking features and activities
  2. 100 speakers working with EMERGE team representatives and volunteers helping to organize the event
  3. 40% of all attendees were business professionals and startups 
  4. 41% of all attendees and speakers were women (a critical metric for the EMERGE team who strongly believe in equality and empowering women).

“We highly recommend online conferences of any industry to try hosting their events on the PINE platform, not only for the optimal performance that the technology delivers but for the individual approach to customers. Working with PINE is truly productive and fun” adds Alexander. 

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