Online Event Support, one of the world’s fastest-growing online event agencies, uses PINE to organize their online events

Online Event Support (OES) is an online event agency headquartered in Warsaw that provides support in organizing virtual events of indisputable quality for businesses and organizations all over the world. OES provides clients with event and sponsor management, content creation, showtime, and communication support.

OES originally began serving the Polish business and government sectors but has since gone on to expand its presence to the North American and Western European markets. With clients such as Toyota, Credit Agricole, Logitech, and LOT Airlines, OES has become one of the most sought-after virtual event agencies on both sides of the Atlantic. 


Here are two key things OES considers as a part of the best virtual event platform when hosting a virtual events for their clients:

  • Intuitive interface and quality of user experience
  • Platform’s development roadmap should correspond with how the OES team sees the future development of their virtual events.

“One of our recent customers, Family Business Week, was conducting an online event involving the families of its clients. A large number of attendees were people between the ages of 65-70 years old who were participating in the event from their homes. Meeting the needs of these attendees was the highest priority for Family Business Week as many of them aren’t nearly as computer savvy as the younger generation. That is why we are very demanding about interface accessibility.”
– Joanna Jurak, leading technical support engineer at OES comments. 


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Michał Michałowski, Senior partner at OES & client acquisition director, started researching their options for the best online event hosting platform out there. 

PINE was one of the first platforms that we found and since then we’ve never regretted going with them, Michał adds. The feature set and reasonable pricing were the two factors that sold PINE to the OES team trying to ride the rapidly rising demand for online conferences and expos.

Here are just some of PINE’s features that Online Event Support uses the most for hosting online events with an average of 400-500 attendees and 4-8 parallel sessions running online:

  • Event management system including real-time dashboards, advanced reporting, and event performance tracking with ROI goals
  • Streaming on main stages and multi-booth streaming sessions where the hosts can easily interact with the audience
  • Mobile event apps to inform and engage attendees, and make it easier to send notifications, updates, schedules, and interact in chat rooms
  • Online sponsorship that provides partners a way to reach attendees digitally through the event website, app, and during streaming sessions


Happy clients and best virtual event experience

After the market adjusted to the fact that COVID is sticking around, people began to search for solutions. According to Michał, most of those companies were trying to handle events in Zoom or WebEx. Those services work great when it comes to simple conferencing, but when you have hundreds of attendees, numerous speakers, and dozens of sponsors, they just can’t deliver what OES clients expect. 

“What clients appreciate most about PINE is that they can completely brand and customize it for a particular event without spending tons of money on integrations and custom solutions,” notes Michałowski. “Every time someone runs an event on PINE, they get a quality user experience with a uniquely branded appearance. And I think that’s what keeps them coming back.”

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