Flexible Pricing
Our pricing is tailored to the size of your event, combining license fees with per-attendee and per-exhibitor charges, and includes access to unlimited features.
Test Drive
Try out a truly remarkable event experience. Get 10 active attendees on your balance.
Engage and drive value with a toolkit for professionals. Billed per event.
Unleash your brand power with all of PINE’s services.
All plans include
Any event types:
in-person, virtual or hybrid
Unlimited no. of events per month
Unlimited no. of registrations per event
Unlimited no. of team members in your organization
Smart event builder
World-class attendee experience
Best value for your sponsors and partners
Advanced integrations with other systems
Realtime analytics dashboard
Unlimited branding and customizations
Unlimited email and chat support
Many other features to make your event really awesome!
When you reach the limits of your subscription plan, you have the option to extend your usage by purchasing an add-on. This will allow you to continue using our services without any interruptions.
Attendee Plus
Boost your attendee count on-demand as needed.
$1 499
Streaming Plus
Increase your streaming hours as required, on-demand.
Company Pro
Expand your exhibitor count on-demand as needed.
$1 999


What are the differences between the Test Drive, Pro, and Advanced Plans?

Test Drive Plan is a great way for organizers to get started and try out all of our features, but it is limited to 100 Active Attendees, 3 Company Pro licenses, and 1 Streaming Hour.

Pro Plan is designed for organizers who need more than the limits of the Test Drive Plan. The minimum subscription fee starts from $149, which includes 50 Active Attendees on your account balance. The final price depends on the volume of your event and the number of credits used.

Advanced Plan is designed for organizers who need even more features and services beyond what is offered in the Pro Plan and includes additional services that can be applied to your account to help you get the most out of your event.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our plans, please contact our sales team.

How does the Subscription Plan work?

To subscribe to a Pro plan, you will need to purchase Active Attendees, Company Pro licenses, and/or Streaming Hours in advance. If you reach the limit of your credits during the event, you can easily purchase Add-Ons at any time to ensure that your service is not interrupted. This allows you to easily and affordably manage your event resources and budget, ensuring that you have the support you need to deliver a successful event.

What are Active Attendees, Company Pro licenses, and Streaming Hours, and how much do they cost?

Active Attendees are people who have actively participated in your event by using the PINE app and interacting with the event. The cost per active attendee is $3 per event. You can import as many attendees as you like, but only active ones will be charged.

Company Pro is an optional upgrade that allows companies to enhance their presence at your event and engage more effectively with attendees. The cost of a Company Pro license is $100 per event. As the organizer, you have the flexibility to choose which of your companies you would like to upgrade to a Company Pro and decide how much to charge for this upgrade.

Streaming Hours refer to the time that you use PINE's turnkey streaming solution on virtual stages and rooms. It costs $20 per hour. Using 3rd party streaming solutions is free.

What happens to unused credits when my contract ends?

Your account balance is valid during the calendar year, starting from the first payment date. At the end of your contract period, any unused credits will be forfeited. However, if you choose to renew your contract for another year, your remaining credits will be automatically transferred to the new billing period and can be used at future events.

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