online event solutions
Organize engaging
virtual events
Extend your reach globally and open up a whole new world of opportunities for your participants. This can be your virtual venue for education, networking and entertainment.
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Manage your
virtual event with ease
Our virtual event features create an immersive experience for your event participants. Help them expand their network by taking your event to the next level and attracting an international audience.
online meetings
1-on-1 connections
Let your participants connect effortlessly. With our fully integrated tool for online meetings, business opportunities are just a few clicks away.
live streaming
Broadcast to
large audiences
When the number of attendees gets too big, utilize RTMP streaming. This creates an enhanced user experience and a real-time feel during your event.
Integrate any
streaming provider
Already have your livestream planned via another provider? No problem, with PINE you can integrate any streaming provider of your choice. Your event, your rules.
Maximize ROI for sponsors and exhibitors
Inspire confidence in sponsors with accurate and relevant information that prove business impact. Step beyond a simple logo display. Give them access to a full-featured company portal where they can present their brand as they want.
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