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PINE is a complete Events Management Platform with all the tools you need to grow better — whether you want to increase revenue, enrich attendee experience, or build a thriving community.

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The event industry is changing dramatically. But what’s not changing is the expectations of participants, who want to be delighted and have a great experience, whether it’s a physical, virtual or hybrid event. PINE acts as an event & community platform with a focus on the outstanding experience your audience deserves. Become one of our happy customers and bring your events to life.


Drive Onsite Engagement

PINE comes with a wide variety of high-tech solutions to facilitate engagement, networking and connection between participants and boost overall event efficiency.

Make a great first impression

Welcome your attendees with a modern and appealing virtual lobby helping them to navigate through your event.

Drive engagement & connections

Engagement is critical to your event’s success, whether your audience is face-to-face or virtual. The right engagement tools connect attendees with your brand, your content, your exhibitors, and each other.

Capture the attendee journey

From welcome to goodbye, clearly see attendee activities and interests across any type of event.


Monetize Your Efforts

PINE enables event organizers to introduce additional revenue streams and optimize the ROI of their virtual, hybrid and in-person meetings & events programs. The multitude of ways in which planners can drive revenue and offer more value to all stakeholders enables them to simply run better events.


Easily deliver the value of your event and onboard more sponsors and partners with many places to highlight their brand.

Increase revenue

Many ways to give access to content and features, allow you better monetize your event.


Easily connect your favorite apps and web services to do more with PINE.

Mobile App

Connect and engage your entire event community with the PINE mobile app, available on iOS, Android and Huawei.

Create a stunning first impression and keep the momentum with the whole experience.

Our Ecosystem of Apps


Attendee App

Events are unique in their ability to capture attendee interests. The right tools will drive engagement and keep your attendees fully immersed in a great event experience.

Best-in-class networking

Make it super easy for in-person and online attendees to schedule face-to-face meetings, send text messages and connect via video chat.

Scalable broadcast

Broadcast all kind of sessions in your event program and let attendees engage through chat, Q&A, and polls.

Hybrid ready

Now attendees can join the conversation anytime, anywhere with end-to-end PINE’s events solutions.


Organizer App

Your team needs the best tools to create, launch and manage the remarkable events. At PINE we give attention to every detail of the experience and this is what differs us from other solutions on the market.

Total customization

With near-limitless customization capabilities, PINE makes it easy to create what makes your event/community unique with the world. Make your event shine.

Insightful analytics

Understand your audience better with a full range of reports available before, during and after an event. Act on your data and make events better.

Speaker Hub

Help your speakers to perform at your events with ease and enjoyment by giving access to the Speaker Hub. Make available session’s analytics straight after the event is over.

Company Portal

Help vendors and sponsors to manage their presence at your events by providing access to the Company Portal. It’s a matter of a few clicks, from updating the company’s details to going live at a dedicated virtual booth.

Users from 65,000+ companies worldwide enjoy remarkable experience at events

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